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Hey there, I'm Mel and I'm a long time fan of Wolf's Rain. 8D My favorite pairings have to be Tsume/Toboe and Hige/Toboe~ and although the series ended on a rather sad note I still enjoyed it immensly (and Toboe's pink hat at the very end! Piiiink! x3)

Uhm! I hope this is allowed, and this was the first place I thought of to look; but is anyone interested in RPing Tsume over at avoria_academy ? I'm the Toboe over there alwayshowling you can IM (AIM) me on la belle ino if you'd like. :3

I took Toboe from the beginning of the series (because you can and I thought that would be pretty neat) so he's still naive, timid and of course horribly adorable. x3

So yeah! Actually I'm the only WR character there, so anyone from the WR world would be appreciated. x3 THANKS!

And as soon as I get near a scanner I'll show you the cute Toboe sketch I did. x3

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