okami87 (okami87) wrote in wryaoi,

Hi to all :D
I'm new here and it is my first post on LJ(if I screw something, please don't kill me).
I'm okami87, (nick is little lame, but others were taken ) and I'm from Poland (little country in Europe). I like a lot of anime and manga so there is no point in doing 'fav. list' :D.
I was looking for some Tsume x Toboe fics, because this pair is....sweet.
My fav. "WR" character is Tsume and I want to pet him all day :D (I'm a guy, but not gay. Tsume is just adorable and need someone to pet him :D)
Ah, sorry for my weird english - I started study english 3 years ago and I HATE writing, but ironical - writing is important.

Well, I'll try to not be a parasite here, so please:

my little, 4 frame comic-art

what do you think about it?
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