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::cracks up:: I can SOOO see one of the Wolf's Rain boys saying this during a drunken/acid trip haze. 'twas a madlib. Nothing really yaoi-full, but it's funny.

Dear Kids,
I just want to set the record straight for you. Wolves are great animals, and for reasons you may not be aware of, we wolves get a bad rap. Every time someone gets fucked or something is stolen, who gets blamed? Wolves, that's who. Wolves aren't fuckly. In fact, we�re quite fuck-like.

I'm a wolf, and I don't steal! I give things away. Every year, I donate fucks to the Fucker Retirement Home. And I've never fucked anyone in my life. All I do is fuck merrily through the forest. Of course, once in a while, I like to fuck a Fuck. You can't blame me for wanting to have some fun! And, as for eating anyone, that's a fairy tale. All I ever eat are Fuck-pie.

I know how the rumors got started. This kid, I think her name is Little Fuck-fucking-green fuckinghood, started saying terrible things about me. FUCK!! She even accused me of fucking her grandmother. That's a lie! Her grandmother is too fuckerly for me. And as I said, I don�t eat people!

If you ever hear Little Fuck-fucking-green fuckinghood, or anyone else for that matter, saying something fuck-ish about wolves, please defend me. I need all the help I can get.

Your friend,
Ima Wolf
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