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OK... here goes. I've been trying to post the first chappie of my fic ever since I joined this community, and everytime I try to do it.. IT DOES NOT WORK! ARGH!!!!! Anyhoo... here's some funny banter between myself and me buddy Cosima!


Gtommy19:  wow...i'm an idiot
Sneezerhan:  no yer not.
Gtommy19:  O.o...yes, i so am
Sneezerhan:  NOO!
Gtommy19:  *hauls Darcia out of Kiba to convince the girl otherwise*...go on, tell her
Sneezerhan:  hahahahhaha
Gtommy19:  Darcia:  She is too an idiot
Gtommy19:  see?  There you go.
Sneezerhan:  ::pulls Tsume out of Toboe:: 
Gtommy19:  LMAO..LMAO
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: ::looks dazed and confused:: What the hell?
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: Yer both idiots ::pouts::
Gtommy19:  he's pouting...Oh hell, he must be so shexy right now
Gtommy19:  Darcia: Kiba's ass is so much more *smacks lips* sexier than Toboe's!
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: WHAT? ::is enraged::
Gtommy19:  Darcia: You should see the muscles ripple...*hisses*
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: ::twitch::
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: ::rolls eyes, 'tch' noise::
Gtommy19:  Darcia: You would do that wouldn't you *hisses and drools*...I'm not opposed to a menage a trois
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: ::huge eyes:: O_O
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: Only if Toboe gets to come....
Gtommy19:  Darcia: *spins the sexy redhead around for a full view*...ah, yes, very nice indeed
Sneezerhan:   Toboe:  O_O Erm.. Tsume...
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: ::twitch::
Gtommy19:  Darcia:  Now, get inside him and show me how you work that ass.  Just another little test...
Gtommy19:  O.o
Sneezerhan:  Toboe: ::backs away:: Tsume... he's looking at me funny.... 
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: ::twitch::
Gtommy19:  Kiba: Darcia!  You can't ride me and talk to those morons at the same time!
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: MORONS?
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: I do believe that you wanted me to fuck you silly not too long ago, STUPID BITCH!!
Gtommy19:  Darcia: I am a man of not question me! *puts Kiba in his place*

Kiba: O.O...that's true.  I like it rough
Sneezerhan:  Toboe: ::goes into an insane rage fit:: NOO!! TSUME IS MINE!!!!!!
Sneezerhan:  All: ::twitch::
Sneezerhan:  Toboe: ::foams at mouth and runs around in circles::
Gtommy19:  Oh man, this is fun...
Sneezerhan:  ::nods::
Sneezerhan:  I keep Tsume in my closet.
Sneezerhan:  Along with my sexy vampire sex slave and Schuldig.
Sneezerhan:  I forbid them to have three somes.
Gtommy19:  I think Kiba and Darcia are always doing it in my closet so i leave them alone
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: ::twitch::
Gtommy19:  oh really?
Sneezerhan:  Yep. 
Sneezerhan:  The must be faithful to their lovers!
Sneezerhan:  they*
Gtommy19:  I AGREE!!
Sneezerhan:  Yesh yesh.
Gtommy19:  Hige: O.o
Gtommy19:  Hige: why the hell don't i have a mate?
Sneezerhan:  Blue: HIM!!!!!!!
Gtommy19:  Hige: erm...><
Sneezerhan:  Blue: HIM!
Gtommy19:  Hige: He was so much tighter! *dodges Blue's claws*
Gtommy19:  oh geez, i should stop
Sneezerhan:  Blue: ::twitch::
Gtommy19:  Tsume: That was you in the woods?!  Oh God *throws up*
Gtommy19:  Hige: wait...that wasn't kiba O.o?
Sneezerhan:  Toboe: ::still foaming at mouth::
Gtommy19:  Kiba: 'twasn't me you were fucking, hige! XD
Sneezerhan:  Toboe: NO!!! IT WAS I!!! I WAS FUCKING TSUME IN THE WOODS!!!!!
Gtommy19:  Kiba: I was fucking Toboe...*eyes Toboe blushing*...isn't that right?
Sneezerhan:  Blue: An orgy perhaps?
Gtommy19:  Darcia: *is too obsessed with Kiba's ass to pay attention*
Sneezerhan:  All: ::ponder::
Gtommy19:  All: YYYYYYAYYYYY
Sneezerhan:  Toboe: ::starts rave dancing::
Sneezerhan:  Tsume: ::twitch:: Why me...?
Gtommy19:  Darcia: *stops*...oh wow...
Gtommy19:  Hige: Damn, Toboe!
Sneezerhan:  Bock: ::shoves everyone under the carpet:: I must go now!!!! BE SWIFT!!!!!!

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